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Wii Games vs Ring Fit Adventure

  1. Wii Sports - 3.724.565
  2. Wii Fit - 3.561.787
  3. Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo) - 3.330.000
  4. Wii Sports Resort - 3.165.464

With the updated shipment figures from Nintendo, Ring Fit is in touching distance of Wii Sports by the end of the year. Currently the game is sold out again in Japan and the resell price has gone up to Y11,800 on 

As far as lifetime sales in Japan at this point I believe that 5 million is a possibility. Like I mentioned originally and many times through-out the thread games like Wii Sports & Wii Fit in the end were hurt by the size of the Wii audience compared to something like the Switch which is likely to surpass 30 million hardware in a few years:

noshten said:

Ring Fit Adventure is currently been effected by shortages. According to Chris over on era, it had sold 99,50% of it's stock and it's being sold out as soon as it's being restocked. Nintendo need to be able to ship 1 million in order meet demand for the next few weeks in Japan. The main question is whether they are able to supply so many copies. If there are shortages, Ring Fit won't realize it's true potential this holiday season which is comparable to Wii Fit which ended up selling 3.561.787 on the Wii a System that sold only 12.750.000 in Japan. Switch is currently on pace to easily overcome by the end of the fiscal year.

Right now it's at 12.21 million WW, so with enough stock this holiday it could definitely reach 2.79 million in order to hit 15 million, its another matter if Nintendo supply that much. In the past two quarters they shipped 2.1 million copies of the game, so it would be logical for them to ship 3 million in the holidays but production could be the bottleneck.

Also I don't see many signs that it will suddenly stop to sell next year so its definetly going to be a game that eventually makes it's way to 20 million lifetime sales world wide. 

Last edited by noshten - on 05 November 2021