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Runa216 said:

Oh, not for nothing, but there are rumours of a PS5 remake/upgrade for Bloodborne in the works by the same team that did the Demon's Souls remake. So there's that. However, uh, I wouldn't hinge your future love for the series on Demon's Souls. it is a very good game and I LOVED it, but many of its design decicions were...well, it's the originator of the souls series and it feels like it. Item Burden is a thing, and the upgrade paths get ludicrous. Magic breaks the game, though. You can cruise through 90% of the game just with the royalty class starter equipment and spells. 

As for Ghost, holy shit I knoooowww. I loved that game, every minute of it, but I'm not even done the 2nd island/area yet and I already feel the game is about 15 hours too long. Looks pretty, plays well, I don't have any critiques of the game except the whole thing needs to be compressed to about half its size and length.

The second island is basically two islands, I'm on the top half of that island now in the snow. So pretty, so very much the same. I've already unlocked every ability and did every upgrade. I don't bother looking at charms anymore, too many to make sense of. Haikus were a nice break the first couple times, now it's just click click get on with it. Same with all the other repetitive ? points. It's a shame so many of these open world games just turn into a grind, less is more! Yet take a break and you risk unlearning all the button combos, always hard to get back into a game like this.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is free on ps+ this month. I took a break from that game when the todo list became too huge. Every 2 steps, 3 more people needing something lol. And never got back to it. It was a very nice looking game as well, but another "just too damn much" problem.

Instead of difficulty settings these kind of games can use a content settings. How much fluff do you want, and balance the progress based on the amount of fluff you select. Setting like, main story only (about 12 hours), main story plus major side quests (20 hours), all quests (30 hours). Then a fluff slider, min/medium/max 'random' content and collectibles. (The ? mark areas), adding 5 - 10 - 20 hours to full completion.

My gameplay save for GoT is already close to 80 hours.... (I did fall asleep a bunch of times with the ps5 going to suspend mode an hour later lol)