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Runa216 said:

Dude, you GOTTA play Bloodborne! IT's genuinely one of the best games ever.

Don't let Dark Souls II's cheap bullshit turn you off Bloodborne and Dark Souls III. I'm currently in a gauntlet with two of my buddies, we did Bloodborne together and LOVED it. we did Dark Souls III together and LOVED it. we played Dark Souls Remastered together and liked it a lot. Then we got to dark Souls II and...we all hate it. I knew I hated it prior to this but deliberately avoided ranting about it just in case they liked it. It's a divisive game, and while I hate it there are others who love it so I was actively avoiding tainting their opinion of it prior to starting. 

Within an hour, both of them were already like 'this isn't hard, this is cheap. Every design decision in this game seems to be there to frustrate and annoy, not be an obstacle to overcome' and as we've played that opinion has only gotten stronger. We're only playing it out of spite, now. we're not playing the game to experience it, to get a sense of accomplishment, we're playing it to destroy it, as if to say 'fuck you, you won't defeat us'. At this point we're playing to conquer it, hating it every step of the way, mockingly going 'hnuuutrrrr! Look at me, I'm Dark souls 2!  look at those hit boxes! Look at how many stupid fucking enemies I can aggro all at once! Look at how fuckign dumb it is that we have to constantly balance each other out just so that we remain at a similar soul memory level!"

The whole game is cheap bullshit with the worst bosses and gameplay mechanics. don't let Dark Souls II ruin III and Bloodborne for you. They're both like the original but more refined and with slightly different tweaks. it always disheartens me to hear of people who gave up on the series because of how bullshit 2 was. 

2 is the game that I died in the least, I found it by far the easiest of the series....but I got more frustrated with it because the deaths almost never seemed fair. I got more frustrated with it because I died due to poor design or cheapness, not 'I didn't learn from my mistakes' like in other games. 

Here is one of my deaths from last night's session: 

Meanwhile, here's my first ever attempt at Gael: 

That Gael fight is WAY harder than anything in Dark Souls II, but it was fair and with good reactions and planning, I beat him. There's a world of difference between these two experiences. 

Ahh, I resorted to over leveling in DS2 to get past the cheap parts, yet that rendered the rest of the game too easy. Hence falling out of love with the series. Cheap and unbalanced is what DS2 left me with, with a less interesting level design compared to dark souls.

I'm set on playing the original on PS5, if that gets me to love the series again, Bloodborne will be played!

Atm I'm still plodding through Ghost of Tsushima, very pretty and nice combat mechanics but it's worse than a AC game in repetitive things to do. I ran away from Tiki island, don't think I'll return to complete that part. Just focusing on completing the main game now. It never ends! Just too damn much, ruining the game tbh. (That and unskippable repetitive cutscenes, forced slow walking parts etc)