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Dante9 said:

Yes. It was Elite Dangerous. A spaceship simulator game with trading and fighting and such. I was having a hard time even getting out of the starting base in one piece and docking back in to other bases seemed nigh impossible. I don't know whether you could buy an automated docking system later on in the game, but this was just ridiculously complicated. So realistic that it sucked the fun out of the game for me. Didn't bother to git gud.

I'm playing ED right now, I played with it first came out on PS4 but then stopped because of other games and didn't get back into it. Recently picked it up again as Horizon's was free to all users now. They made a lot of improvements on it, proper training missions and an 'Advanced Docking Computer', added April 2019, which I didn't know about until recently when playing again. Makes like a hell of a lot easier if you don't like the landing part of it.

Hmm, pie.