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Week 42 Breakdown:

PlayStation 4: Up in the United States; Down in Europe, Japan, and the Rest of the World; Down overall.

PlayStation 5: Up in all regions.

Xbox One: Down in all regions.

Xbox Series: Up in all regions.

Nintendo Switch: Up in Japan; Down in the United States, Europe, and the Rest of the World; Down overall.


We're nearly at the end of October, and in light of Sony's latest financial report, both PlayStation systems (as well as the Xbox systems, despite Microsoft not release hardware figures) have received BIG adjustments. The PS4 and Xbox One were both slightly adjusted down. And the PS5 and Xbox Series were both adjusted up considerably. It's not a coincidence that while the new gen consoles are adjusted up, the last gen consoles are adjusted down. It's looking more and more like next year is going to be the beginning of the end for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Then we have the Nintendo Switch. Now Nintendo's financial report is not due until Thursday, but we still got minor adjustments. It was adjusted down, but very slightly, so slightly that you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't tell you. We'll see how much they change or if they change at all once the numbers are out on Thursday!