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Kyuu said:

Can you share the source for the 60-62% tilt?

I have no doubt that Series XS has a notably stronger digital bias than PS5, especially more recently.

From what I'm gathering, recent physical splits are in the 68%-90%+ range in Playstation's favor depending on the game. So if last year's digital split (62%) carries over to this year, it should confirm the stronger digital bias on Xbox, which does make sense (between Game Pass discounts and Series S dominating the X, as opposed to PS5DE being dominated by the standard model).

I mean, even if Xbox had higher digital sales, it would need 85/90% of software sales being digital, to make any real difference in these platform sales splits. Sony has about 70ish% of their software sales coming from digital in FY21 for reference. 

But as Eva posted a few pages back, overall third party sales on the Xbox ecosystem has declined, according to Microsoft.