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Azzanation said:
curl-6 said:

One really cool touch I only noticed when rewatching the opening on Youtube is that in their cutscene fight at the start of the game, Raven Beak actually uses the same moves as when you actually fight him at the end.

I also feel  silly now, my initial confusion over the

X-Quiet Robe curing Samus makes so much more sense when I remembered that she absorbs X parasites earlier in the game both to gain energy and to gain certain abilities; taking on his Thoha ability to control Metroids allowing her to restrain her Metroid DNA

seems obvious now, at the time I just forgot that key element for some reason.

Realizing this now definitely makes the ending feel more awesome.

I would assumed you didn't play through Metroid Fusion?

The bigger question is..

Why did the X Parasite help Samus at the end?

I tried Fusion but didn't get far as I just couldn't get into it.

As far the bigger question,

Quiet Robe's Chozo gesture seemed to imply he'd somehow taken control of the X that resurrected him, through either sheer willpower or as the music seems to imply some Chozo mysticism.
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