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Agente42 said:
Azzanation said:

People forget MS slowly released X1 games on PC than after they got traction, they started doing day one releases. I am getting the same vibe with Sonys strategy. Plus doesnt help them sell console games when there isnt enough consoles on the market.

I'm against a platform holder going multiplatform. The platform holder needs to maintain their games exclusivity for their platforms. 

Times have changed, business plans have changed and so have their budgets. It has become increasingly more obvious that game dev isn't cheap anymore and is only climbing higher, so two of the 3 companies have already noticed this and seek to offset that by releasing on PC. 

It's virtually free money on the table and the only ones getting ultimately pissed by this, are the fanboys who only care for exclusivity, who have never ever ran a company that large by themselves, and who have not noticed the march of time and it's change on development throughout the years. 

Nintendo didn't have to charge for online, but they did, because they saw that MS was doing it, which Sony then followed and Nintendo as a result, followed them as well. Time changes everything.

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