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Dulfite said:

I think Sony is doing the smart thing. What's better?

-Continuing to make/market an old system heavily, knowing people aren't buying games there as much as the current gen.

-Focus on the current gen device, make few old systems and spend little on marketing it (if any).

I think the Big 3 have found out that there is far more money to be made pushing current gen devices. You get more water squeezing a fully submerged towel than you do squeezing one that was wet a few days ago. What they care about is pushing their "wettest" console, I doubt they care much about lifetime sales since old gen consoles aren't selling nearly as much software as they used to.

Different from PS2 days and before when the launch in markets were a lot more tiered and they had less historical data, probably now they have enough that show the drop in SW sales is step even if they keep selling systems so it is pointless to cut the price and keep the tail going for years when they can put that money in accelerating the current gen and earn more profits (PS4 and PS5 profits shows that it is working much better than PS1 to PS3 eras). PS2 dominated and outsold competition like 5:1 and had 1.5B sold of SW still PS4 was having profits that possibly in every year outdone the combined years of PS2.

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