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Well, Sony seems to be picking up the pace of their PC ports! Since the last time this thread was updated, we now know of God of War (2018), Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, and now SteamDB has Sackboy: A Big Adventure listed, so that may be announced soon. Rumor also is that Bluepoint is working on the Bloodborne PC port as well.

And none of these ports are being worked on by Nixxes! Makes me wonder what they're working on......

Of course Sony is going to stretch out their releases, but I wonder if it'll get to the point in another year or two where Sony will make their own PC launcher so they can have 100% of sales rather than giving Steam and EGS a cut. Maybe even integrate their current PS Now desktop app into this new launcher.

Last edited by gtotheunit91 - on 28 October 2021