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ShadowLink93 said:
Qwark said:

It will be a close battle between the PS4 and PS5 aligned this year, I don't know which one will win. The demand for PS5 is higher, although the PS4 wasn't widely available either. Anyway the holidays will be an interesting time. Lately the PS5 seems to be slightly more in stock, at least above 200k or 225k even each week.

Official shipments for the calendar year after three quarters are 9.3m for PS4 in 2014 versus 8.9m for PS5 in 2021. A 400K lead for PS4 which then shipped 6.4m in holiday of 2014, so Ps5 needs 6.8m to tie. With the supply constraints i can't see Sony shipping almost 7 million consoles in three months, PS4 will win in it's first full year versus PS5 but only because of supply issues.

Well we know Sony confirmed back in August they have secured enough chips to meet their fiscal year target of 14.8M ending in March 2022. Along with the 7.8M they shipped before that will give them 22.6M PS5 vs. 22.3M PS4 for the same time period. So whether the calendar year falls short or not is up in the air still. They still have 9.2M consoles to ship over the next 2 quarters.