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Here was my US Oct 2021 guess last week after week 1.

mk7sx said:

On IB Benji says OLED is already highly supply constrained in the US.  Oct NPD numbers will be something. 

Quick guess:

Week 1 293K (225K OLED / 70K Other) < Using VGC's USA figure

Week 2 120K (60K OLED / 60K Other)

Week 3 120K (70K OLED / 70K Other)

Week 4 200K (120K OLED / 80K Other) < Fresh shipment at the end of the month along with Mario Party

700-750K, maybe higher.  Think it'll be fairly competitive with Oct 2020.

Actuals so far:

Week 1 293K

Week 2 138K

If VGC numbers hold up, the Switch NPD OCT 2021 has a solid shot at topping NPD OCT 2020.  Only needs about 300K in the next two weeks - all dependent on supply.