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Zippy6 said:

"Nintendo consoles were never about hardware, they were always about something that boosts your gameplay experience"

60fps and games that aren't blurry boosts my gameplay experience. Also this statement seems to forget every console before the Wii/DS.

I don't find most of these "impossible ports" enjoyable on switch at all, I had doom briefly and even that was just too blurry for me. Skyrim is the only 3rd party game I've really played and enjoyed on Switch. These ports don't do it for me so I'll stick to Nintendo games that are designed with the limited power in mind. That's where the Switch shines, not on games that are being forced to run on something they weren't designed for.

The thing is the improvements to the techniques were made throughout the time. The Doom 2016 port was improved over the years, and Doom Eternal, with a way more demanding idTech 7 engine, run absolutely fantastic on the Switch. Yes, the texture quality is reduced, but the pacing and the gyro aiming makes it fantastic to play. I was not really a Doom-guy (pun intended) but I am near the end of Eternal, and it's in my Top 10 of all my Switch games.

Overall, the worst port for me - besides Ark obviously - would be Saint Row the 3rd (where there seems to be a high input lag in the game, which makes the driving impossible and the aiming almost impossible).

dx11332sega said:

I thought I heard this before? I wonder if they can port ark survivor evolved?

Virtous said that after porting Outer Worlds to the Switch. But they shouldn't have, at its release, Outer Worlds was unplayable. Now it's your usual Switch port, but it took them a year to achieve that, and several patches.