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Slownenberg said:

Pretty far into Dread now. And I must say I was totally wrong about not being worth the price. This is the rare 2D game that is actually worth $60 (well, I paid $50 but whatever). It'd still only cost $30 if it didn't have a Nintendo logo on it, but hey that's the advantage a big studio like Nintendo has over indie studios in their ability to charge a premium. My apologies for assuming it wasn't worth full price before playing!

It just keeps getting better and better as I play through. The game is designed masterfully, and my god the boss fights are freaking epic, and the difficulty is just perfect - which makes it stand out from just about every other Nintendo first party game which tend to be far too easy.

It is one of the best games I've played in a while. On the Switch I'd say it's up there for me with Smash, Odyssey, and Dead Cells in my top four favorite Switch games (that I've played enough to make a final call on - BotW I still need to play through).

And the game seems like it will be longer than I thought it would be. I tend to take my time exploring games and don't try to impress anyone with my quickness in beating a game, but I'm at 9:42 on the game clock and I feel like there is a decent amount of the game left. I was worried it'd be like a max 10hr game. Plus I guess there is a hard mode eh? I figured I'd play this once and that'd be it like most 1 player games, but I might actually play through it again on hard.

Dead Cells is like my ultimate comparison for 2D side scroller action games as that game just blew me away and kept me coming back a lot....but Dread is starting to make me think Dead Cells might have some competition for my favorite 2D action game.

I hope this is getting great sales and will crush the Metroid sales record. I think the $60 price for a 2D game will turn some people off for sure as people are used to $20-$30 for this kind of game. After all I barely ended up buying it on a whim and only because I got it for $50. Ideally Nintendo would drop it to $30 in a year or two, but then again I thought they'd do that with the Link's Awakening remake once sales went dead after the first couple weeks, but nope they just refuse to rejuvinate game sales with discounts. Word of mouth seems to be good though, plus pent up demand for Metroid, plus the Switch effect, plus the high scores the game is getting. I'd love to see this break 5 million.

Dude. I am SO hapy for you! Have a high five, or a handshake, or whatever, a kiss on the cheeck followed by a slap. I could kiss anybody right now. Might be because I have had too many dark wheat beers and cherry spirits, but might also be just because I like your change of mind so much. Your choice, one time offer!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the game, it's fantastic. And go for that Hard Mode, even though it's basically the same same, but different, but still the same. Afterwards, go for a 100% run as fast as you can. And after that, go for a sequence break route. And after that, go for a regular run again and see how awesome and amazingly designed this brilliant and beautiful game is.