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Radek said:
Cobretti2 said:

Hopefully the switch version will be fully available on the cart not 10% with 90% download lol

Well... on eShop it says it's 25 GB, and I don't think Rockstar will use 32 GB card like CD Projekt Red did...

That number doesn't seem entirely accurate there are several game sizes across different regions at the moment.

The US eShop website says 25GB

The US eShop on console says 13.1GB with a notification saying total space required for all 3 games is 22GB

The US eShop has each game listed individually:

GTA III - 2.2GB, Vice City - 6.5GB, San Andreas - 10.8GB

Total - 19.5GB

The European eShop says 13.1GB

The European eShop has them individually:

GTA III - 2.2GB, Vice City - 119MB (likely wrong), San Andreas - 10.8GB

Total - 13.1GB

I think the most likely outcome is San Andreas + GTA III on cart at 13GB with Vice City's 100MB been there as an icon and downloads when you insert the card. Hopefully I'm wrong and it comes as an actual complete game on a 32GB cart as this game will hold a high price and make Rockstar a ton of money so no excuse to not use one really.

Last edited by WoodenPints - on 23 October 2021