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Runa216 said:

"Not worth it" I hear a lot. How is a package of 3 of the most successful and beloved games of all time, each one easily worth hundreds of hours of your time, all upgraded to play like modern games with improved visuals...not worth it?

"They're PS2 games, therefore they have less value"

They're three of the BEST games on the BEST console, and they still play well today. Gamer entitlement is hilarious. Y'all aren't entitled to shit. Pay the asking price or wait for a sale. Quit bitching about game prices and start voting with your wallet, because I know every one of you that's bitching about the price is still gonna silently buy it while pretending to be appalled by the price. And even if YOU don't, whoever YOU are, LOTS of people will. And, if lots of people pay it at that price and love it, then guess what: You're factually wrong about it not being worth it. YOU might not think it's worth it, and that's fine, but this entitlement is hilarious. Watch this sell 5 million copies by end of year at that price. "Not worth it" indeed.

nice rant if only it was valid here...

stop bringing resetera in here please, only one person in this thread didn't find it worth 60 bucks but said he would wait for the discount.

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