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Just beat the game.
14 hours with all items collected.
Died a shit ton of times, but I had too much fun to really care that match.
For the $60 I paid to get this game… I certainly think I got my money’s worth. XD

I’ll forego any story spoilers for anyone who still hasn’t finished it and is looking forward to that and I’ll stick to just gameplay.

It’s 2D Metroid alright. You got all your bells and whistles and standard stuff all here and working as it always has, so that’s good.
Every time I entered an EMMI area, I felt my palms sweat a little bit more.
Out of all the deaths I suffered in this game, about 2/3rds of them probably came from an EMMI. The timing on the Melee Counter for those things are strict as fuck!!!

This is the first Metroid game where I got 100% of the items and outside of a few bullshit items where I had to use a guide for, it was pretty fun exploring and searching for them.

As far as my personal Metroid rankings go:

Prime 1 is still the beat for me.
Followed by Dread and Super in a virtual tie. I’ll have to wait and see 3 months from now if my thoughts on Dread have changed and probably play Super again just so I know for sure.
Than Samus Returns, it was a fairly good game that was hindered by the 3DS’ hardware. Yeesh, I’m getting hand cramps just thinking about it.
And last on my list is Prime 2, which I still haven’t finished and don’t really feel like finishing right away because that game is more boring than watching paint dry. Good God, that game was boring as shit.

Still haven’t played: Prime 3, Fusion, Zero Mission, or Other M.

Last edited by PAOerfulone - on 20 October 2021