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Kakadu18 said:
d21lewis said:

Also, I THINK free to play online games are free on every system but part of me is saying Nintendo still requires you to have their service for free to play games. If so, they would be the only one who charges. Again, I have their service but I just don't play my Switch online. I haven't in months. I only resubscribed to transfer Animal Crossing and it wasn't supported at the time. I'm seriously debating canceling it when my subscription expires. 

That is false. You don't need NSO for f2p online games.

And why do so many people have issues with the cloud saves? I got a new Switch last year and had no issue transfering over 150 games to the new Switch. Only Splatoon 2 required me to transfer the save file manualy, but it only took like 10 minutes.

Wasn't sure. I know Sony always had free to play games available with no extra cost and Microsoft just started the policy this year. I had Switch Online since the beginning and when it lapsed, I couldn't even go to RE.Net without the subscription. It's good that they're customer friendly in that regard. A lot of the most popular online games are free to play.

I have probably 60 games but I haven't really tried to transfer many of them. I rarely play the Switch Lite. It usually works pretty well but for some reason, Bayonetta 1 didn't cross. It says it's backed up on the primary switch but the second one doesn't recognize it.

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