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Vodacixi said:

Finally... I'm conflicted about the story. For one, I love the portrayal of Samus. She's constantly kicking ass... And the way she reacts to everything is yet another highlight from the game. I was also blown away by the ending as a whole and how they decided to continue Samus story. However... The story also felt a bit of a mess. Some things contradict stuff from older games (specially Fusion) and there are plot points that were pretty relevant in the Fusion ending, but in Dread are either ignored or adressed without actually making sense. It's a shame, because there was a lot of potential and they didn't really went for it. But then again, all in all I enjoyed the ending. A lot.

You are one of the few that has mentioned this, and it's one of the things i've never liked about how they have been juggling with the Metroid Franchise over the years, i know the plot has never been on the heavy exposure side like other games and their "cinematic style", since the strenghts of Metroid came mainly from the gameplay, being keypoints the atmosphere and the exploration, but ever since i saw the trailer i wondered,

WTF what happened to her Fusion Suit that became even more different and powerfull at the ending?, wasn't she supposed to be at odds with the corrupts of the federation for disobeying orders?

, why everytime there is something concerning Samus past including the chozo, the pirates, ridley or the Federation, the developers of subsequent games and media seem to disregard what the others have done and contradict things between them, Metroid is a Franchise i have enjoyed and admired over the years, that i always felt had a very interesting setting and a lore that could be much more exploitable just like Catlevania, Megaman and other series, but the guys at Nintendo even when delivering great games still seem unsure on how to manage the universe they are building (Sakamoto not helping things with Other M).

Last edited by foxmccloud64 - on 20 October 2021