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Kyuu said:

Ask and you shall receive. Previous Monster Hunter figures apparently didn't include the Master Edition!

This is nuts. My updated current split guesstimates:

PS4: 10.4 million (3.7 million~ in Japan)

PC: 7.3 million

Xbox: 2.3 million

I'm starting to think that going forward, the two line (lower-spec vs higher-spec) model isn't the best idea from a business and consumer perspective. Would make more sense to expand their teams and "demake" the iteration that targets PS/XB/PC specs (Dragon Quest XI style) rather than design around the weakest platform and scale up (Rise Switch vs PC) especially if Switch 2 turns out as powerful as I hope. It'll cost more and take longer to develop but the benefits could easily outweigh the negatives. A unified "Monster Hunter 6" on all platforms has the potential to sell over 25 million; imagine telling someone that 4 years ago!

Now that we know Master Edition wasn't included in the old figures, I'm upping my Rise prediction from 12 million to 14 million.

I'm sure that there will be some type of Master Edition (or Ultimate edition) of Rise as well, so I wonder what effect that will have on the total sales.

What it seems like is that the console manufacturers are paying for exclusivity (we at least know about Nintendo), so I'm not sure if the consolidated effort is actually going to happen. In addition, it definitely wont happen until Switch 2 exists since the Switch is so far behind power wise in comparison right now. But it would be cool if it did happen.