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Beat with less than 70% completion

Final boss is tricky, but once you understand how to overcome each of its moves it becomes overwhelmingly easy, each time I figured out to to come across with an attack or move I immediately turned the next match in cakewalk and I find myself a mediocre gamer at beast. What prevents you to defeat it in less than 3 tries is the fact each phase he changes his moves, and it takes some time to understand what to do, when to click x, etc, etc

I indeed doubt it would take me more than 3 tries to beat it again

It's a really good game, a 9/10 for me. I'm not feeling I'm gonna play it again soon though, I just don't see much more to explore and the challenges just have became frustrating as they are too hard. I feel like the maps miss some shortcuts, even in the endgame navigate was sorrowful, this easily killed my vibe to collect more items