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IcaroRibeiro said:
xPhenom08x said:

Oh really now? What makes it so bad?

Your thread revolves into listing features Nintendo don't have and then proceed saying they are either bad, irrelevant or you simply don't like them. Your final conclusion is "I don't know why people are complaining"

So maybe, just maybe, they are complaining because they actually wants the features you are saying that don't matter? I personally find the lack of chat annoying and the experience of needing a phone terrible to say the least. I can't just directly join a friend in a game coming from SO like I do with Steam, or with PS4.

Cloud save is an awful experience, I got a new Switch and lost my saves from Splatoon and Animal Crossing, games I've spent over 300 and over 600 hours in, my progress puff, gone. I've tried to play them again, but it's not the same anymore, probably will just stop them, at least Splatoon have a new one coming next year, as for Animal Crossing, guess I will need to see people enjoying the new features and DLC and never enjoying it myself 

And yes, I used the save data cloud for Animal Crossing. It simply didn't worked, no new island was found when I tried to restore it, life sucks, but Nintendo saves sucks harder

Stardew Valley save also got corrupted, fortunately I play it mostly on PC, not even 10 hours spent on Switch was a life savior decision 


And connection IS bad. I should have documented the amount of time I've seen a Splatoon teamate leaving the party during a game. I've tried Smash for 3 days and then given up because the online sucks hard, I'm comparing it with Street Fighter 5 and... there is no comparison, really. Not that I've liked Smash in first place, so I'm not losing anything 

The only game I have no complaints about multi-player is MK8, never really dissapointed me. It has some lags but it does not happen often so I believe when it happens is just my connection 

And family plan? Here I agree it's an excellent payment model... for those who have a family. I think the difference between this and, let's say, Netflix is the potential numbers of devices you can make use of it. Anyone with a PC, Tablet, console (that's not a Switch), TV or Smartphone can make use of Netflix screens. Even my grandfather can make use of my Netflix account. For gaming it's a little bit more complicated, to make use of it you need to first buy a 300 USD dedicated hardware.

I also find the process of finding someone to share the bills tiresome and unnecessary.  With Spotify I use the family subscription, but it's because I have cousins to share it (I pay it for them as they are all minors), but keep it mind it's a liability, not an advantage as in fact I'm paying more not less. Only one of those cousins have a Switch and he's 7, his mom does not allow online play yet, not reason for me to subscribe for a family that I simply don't have 

That was not my conclusion, I even mention people liking those free games. I'm free to have an opinion just like you. Just because you like those features and I don't care for them doesn't mean Nintendo has to add them. If I had to choose between paying 60 and no family plan or 5 dollars with a family plan then I'll take the 5 dollar plan. If Nintendo added those features then they would likely jack up the price and no the expansion is not jacking up the price since it's optional.

The lack of chat can be annoying but personally I can't say I'm willing to pay more for it. Whom am I talking to? Someone I know personally I can call lol, they then don't have to be tethered to their console. Teammates I can use the in game chat. 

Game invites exist on Switch and no I don't want the ability to just join a friends game lol. That is so invasive it's embarrassing, why can't you wait for my invite? Don't just join my game like playstation allows. Nintendo better never add that nonsense, improving the game invites function would be better. 

Not going to speak on your experience with the cloud saves for those games. Cloud saves works for like every other game, just cherry picking the handful for your arguement doesn't help. Also your experience could be due to user error so that's not on Nintendo. 

Connection issues exist for all of them. I see just as many disconnects in Overwatch on Playstation. People leaving matches isn't on Nintendo. Smash I have experienced the same but again cherry picking one game is nonsense, it's the game and it's servers not Nintendos entire network. Mario Kart works great.

Your family plan excuses are bullshit, I can literally take your email right now and add you. You could easily join a family plan and it truly is why I prefer Nintendo over them.  Sony doesn't have the balls because they saw what happened with free online multiplayer vs all that "value" you got with paid psn. No one cared because no one cares about that stuff you guys claim has so much value. That's why Sony had to highjack online multiplayer. Remove online multiplayer and watch psn drop users like no tomorrow.