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GoOnKid said:
curl-6 said:

Tonight's play session was not a good time.

The double robot Chozo soldier fight was just horrible. Whoever decided to make the Storm Missiles take an absurdly long time to "charge" should be jailed. In a fast moving fight like that where you're constantly getting ganged up on, it was almost impossible to use them without eating a hit.
The game would also be immeasurably better if bosses hit half as hard. Getting wiped out in a handful of hits even after collecting a bunch of energy tanks just feels cheap.

The purple EMMI encounter is also the first one that feels unfair. Even when you're cloaked it fucking KNOWS where you and just camps you instead of fucking off to search somewhere else. Couple that with your super slow movement underwater, its almost infinite range of hearing and sight, and the trash grapple controls, and it was a wretched experience.

Outside of these encounters, the level design and pacing remains top notch, but I'm really starting to see why so many find this game the wrong kind of difficult. I've been loving it up til now, but that love is being sorely tested.

Hopefully this is just a rough spot and it goes back to being awesome after this.

If it comforts you a bit, let me say that you're almost on top of the difficulty curve now. It rarely gets much harder than this. I also struggled a lot with the double Chozo soldiers, it took me like 20 attempts to defeat them. And yes, the purple EMMI is a bitch.

Thanks, it's good to know it's not just me. :)

As it turns out, I actually misread the tutorial text and thought I had to be aiming to charge the missiles, didn't realize you could do it on the run. That would've made life easier haha. Oh well, I got it eventually, just died so many times I lost count. XD

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