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After listening to the soundtrack a couple of times I must say that I have indeed found a couple of tracks that really stand out to me, I just wish the music was a little bit louder during boss fights. When exploring the areas it's fine, bbut in an intense battle I only hear sound effects and battle noises, which is a bit sad. Here's what I found.

This is super catchy, yet it makes me nervous at the same time.

I'm so glad that this fire level theme is not yet another Norfair remix, but something unique instead. Props to the composers.

When I entered Burenia for the first time I felt like I was in a submarine, or a maritime research lab. This theme is calming and mysterious at the same time, I love it.

The Mother Brain theme. It's too bad that all those missile impacts cover the music completely and I've only realised this track when listening to the playlist.

First boss, best boss music imo.