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yvanjean said:
Bristow9091 said:

I must say I'm a little offended you think I'm trolling (Also don't do that in the future, to anyone really), this is who I got originally;

You're offended???? I think you owe Kenjab an apology for pretending to do an half ass google search and calling him out. This is also a Microsoft discussion thread so Kenjab is right everyone knows Sarah bond. 

This is what you got:

Sarah Emily Bond is a Professor of History at the University of Iowa. Her research focuses on late Roman history, epigraphy, law, topography, GIS, and Digital Humanities. Wikipedia 

And you though to yourself well obviously this Kenjab dude doesn't know what he's talk about and calling him out for using a random person name. If you would of actually google her you would of got:

Sarah Bond

  3rd degree connection3rd
Corporate Vice President | Xbox

Whoa man, easy now. This was just a misunderstanding. Perhaps referring to bristow's post as a troll was too harsh, something like sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek would have been more appropriate.

And btw, I also googled "jim ryan" and found numerous lawyers and politicians listed and had to sift through to find the one who works for Sony.  Some names are just more common than you think.

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