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The original was the first game I'd purchased for my SNES. Before I got the system, actually. I sold my Gameboy and 13 games for $100 (because I had no concept of money at the time) and bought Street Fighter II and Mario Kart to prepare for the SNES that I KNEW I was getting that Christmas.

I got absolutely nothing, that Christmas.

But, I digress. I've been playing Mario Kart since the beginning and the series has always been at the top of my favorite games list (aside from the disappointment of MK64) but the last time I really really really felt joy from the series was Mario Kart Wii. After that, it kinda felt like I was playing out of habit and not because I was having a great time.

I know MK Wii is a lot of people's least favorite but it was the best game available at the time when I was most in love with the series so...yeah. My vote.

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