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Next week is going to be the interesting one. 2020 Switch never went below 500k again, with 1.5m down YoY for the Switch it's going to be a tough battle for those that believe 2021 can win. Personally I don't see it, but it all comes down to how big the boost is next week and how much it holds. 

Switch might not have had a new model or even a good holiday line-up last year but it sold like a beast, even with the OLED that's a tough battle.

The next few weeks for Switch 2020: 531k, 520k, 490k, 518k, 599k.... that OLED boost has a lot of work to do.

I can see a 750k figure for next week, but I'm not sure it'll hold above 2020 numbers for the 4 weeks after.