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kirby007 said:
padib said:

I just realized that the X360 was the 3rd all-time best-selling console in the US, right under the DS and the PS2. Impressive.

Blame @d12lewis for buying 8

I do think more than any console in history that the 360 benefitted from hardware failure as a means to achieve these phenomenal numbers.  The PS2 certainly had its hiccups at launch but the RROD continued throughout the generation.  And we Americans, having grown up on American cars that always break down but that we still love and continue buying, were primed to repeat purchase the 360 umpteen times.  I'm not trying for trolling or flamebait here.  So many people in my personal world were on their 4th Xbox360 and had no problem going back to the store to buy another.  It was almost like something you just had to do. The machine and its games were that compelling to this audience.