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With the OLED-model out and expecting to do great, with another bombastic year in sales and most probably also a great 2022, I don't think the Nintendo Switch 2 (or however they will call it), will come out before 2024, my guess is 2025 as I think Nintendo will really push the current Switch models with quality and quantity software late into its lifetime (in opposition to all their former home consoles). They see how Sony and Microsoft are doing it, after one year on the market (and continuing well into the 2nd year), they both scarcely have any exclusive system-seller for their new consoles, almost all the big titles are cross-gen. Seeing that they are doing well with that strategy, Nintendo will do the same. In our age, gaming technology is scalable and this is a huge advantages over past generations, it would be stupid not to make use of it. The scalability could also be argued vice versa, that exactly because of scalability, the Nintendo Switch 2 will come earlier. But that's not realistic as Nintendo stated many times that they aim for a long lifecycle.