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Captain_Yuri said:

As a personal rule, I would never buy games that are only available on the cloud. The reason? If the servers go down, you lose everything. Not only do you lose the game and but the saves, the progress, etc. Where as on a local game, it doesn't matter if the servers die or anything like that, you can keep playing the game and not lose any progress.

Imo, no one should be buying any games that are cloud exclusive including the cloud versions on the Switch. You don't know when SE will one day decide to pull the plug and then what? You lost your game and progress. It's the ultimate form of not owning the product that you paid for but instead, you just get the privilege of accessing it until the Company feels like pulling the plug.

The best way to use cloud is with a Hybrid setup such as with Steam + GeForce Now. You buy the game and it will be on Steam and then you get an Option to use GeForce Now as a cloud streaming service. So if one day Nvidia decides to kill it's GeForce now service, you still have all your progress and the game itself as a part of your steam library.

And that's fine, but obviously I made this thread from the perspective that I don't care about ownership and I simply want to know if I can play Switch cloud version and have the same experience as a high-end pc version if my internet makes it lag-free. For 99% of games I play, I will only ever play them once. Ones I feel I will replay I'll buy, but they are few. I understand ownership is important to many for various reasons, but it isn't for me and isn't what this thread is meant to discuss.