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I sort of brought this up in another thread, but would like a wider discussion, particularly with comments from those of you that have experienced really good internet speeds and done cloud gaming. The question I have is this: Is it a better experience to play games natively, even if on weaker hardware that can't take advantage of the game, or, if you have Fiber is it better to play on the cloud?

I have a Switch, but am getting Fiber next week (will be 500g upload/download and I may go more in the future). I tried Control earlier with my current internet (Spectrum, capping at 90 something gbs download and 14 gbs download) and I had no noticeable lag, but that was just a demo. With Fiber my speeds should be at least 4-5 times faster, so I'm wanting to know if I should buy:

-AAA third party games on my PC (less portable and convenient) or buy them, if available, as cloud games on Switch (more portable and convenient). Ideally I'd like whichever plays and looks better. Obviously, if you have bad internet then the choice is simple, but I'm really wanting to hear from people who have blazing fast internet and have tried cloud gaming.

Specifically, I'm curious if doing cloud KH 1-3 on my Switch with fast internet would be just as good looking/playing as if I bought it on PC (I have an RTX2080). If it plays just as nicely, I'd prefer Switch for convenience and so my family can more easily watch. Please discuss below, and don't hesitate to nerd out on your reasonings as I'd like a better understanding of this topic!