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Sogreblute said:

Let's be honest here. After the first year (which ends this year) do you think 3rd party developers will care about those features? It's just a gimmick that honestly is more annoying than anything, so I know people will just turn it off. It's cool at first, but it wears off fast.

I think Sony should do this for their PSVR 2. Since VR is a more immersion experience having that haptic feedback and adaptive triggers would be a great thing to add, but for a normal controller it's really just annoying.

Gimmick? I love the adaptive triggers, the half press L1, R2 options are crystal clear now with the resistance adding a 'stop' half way. It could add more discreet steps or build up the tension as when using the bow in Ghost of Tsushima. The haptic feedback adds a lot as well. In Ghost of Tsushima you can feel the type of ground the horse is galloping on.

Haptic feedback adds a lot in Ratchet and Clank and that's just a launch window game. The only gimmick I see is blowing on the controller in Astro's playroom, yet that mic in the Dualsense can be used in more ways.

When Sony removed rumble there were tons of complaints to bring it back. It's about time 'rumble' got improved to being more useful. Even without enhancements, GT Sport's 'rumble' already feels so much better on Dualsense compared to DS4. I switch between racing on Ps4 pro and ps5 on a daily basis (can't always use the big tv) and the difference is huge. Rumble strips are far more defined on the dualsense and much easier/quicker to tell if I'm toruching the edge of the road and/or how far I'm on the kerbs.

Duelsense features are less of a gimmick as native 4K, VRR, 120fps are. But that's just my opinion.