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Agente42 said:
Kyuu said:

PS4 version shipped 8.7 million as of the leak's date, not 8.9. And we can't assume similar splits because Japan (which is now a non-factor for legs) skewed the data, and the game released several months later on PC (meaning PC version is noticeably outpacing the PS4 version). I think PS4 version will settle at 9.25~ million lifetime. PS5 is the hot new console, and MHW is available on it for free as part of PS+ Collection. MHW on consoles is outdated and probably getting pummeled by PC version which somewhat scales with specs. There's a reason Capcom openly talks about transitioning to PC as their primary platform over even Playstation and Switch.

Other information to take into account is MHR Switch will have its legs cut by the PC version a bit late compared to MHW PS4, their exclusivity period will coincide the holiday season. But on the other hand, Iceborne PS4/X1 was timed exclusive whereas Sunbreak will have a simultaneous release on Switch and PC. As a result, Sunbreak on Switch might sell a lot less than Iceborne PS4, or not. It depends on its reception from the PC community who may be underwhelmed by its design and graphics (It has lower minimum requirements than MHW, a 2018 video game). It also depends on Japan's reception, there's always potential for an explosion in software sales due to Switch's popularity and install base, even if it didn't really happen yet with Rise.

The problem with Rise is short compared with another MH; and a lazy job for Capcom, launching a game with a half story, neither World have this problem. The longevity of World is much better in the launch. 

World didn't have to contend with the impact of covid on development, Rise did, hence true ending being added a couple of months after launch and its roadmap being somewhat sparse.

As for Rise only having 60-70 hours of content, I've played over 90 hours of it and I still haven't built even half the armor sets and even with sticking to just 3 of the 14 weapon classes I still haven't built everything in those classes.

Also, base Rise has more monsters than base World.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 07 October 2021