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The_Liquid_Laser said:

Anyone know how much the Lite model sold in it's opening week?

596k and 468k week after, from 250k week before. FY20 median prior the launch = 195k, so around 200% increase. At the moment the FY22 median = 333k (mind you, there are still 2 weeks of data needed).

Considering this plus few other factors (which I've listed below), I voted for 1M - 1.25M.

For and against the SW OLED launch sales increase, compared to Lite:

- Lite was cheaper than the base one, OLED is more expensive (against)
- Lite was considered an additional system, rather than the main one (for)
- Base Switch model still sells better than the Lite one (for)
- ... however, Lite is very popular as a base system in a younger audience (against)
- Switch as a brand is more popular now than it was two years ago (for)
- There are a lot of Switch users which would like to upgrade their ageing OG Switches (for)
- Scalpers for sure will pump the initial numbers. This wasn't such a widespread issue in 2019 (for)
- First batch might be limited due to chip shortages/production/supply issues (against)

Last edited by Kristof81 - on 06 October 2021