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Kyuu said:

Again, your data is incorrect:

MHW: 8.3 million in 5 months.

MHR: 7.5 million in 6 months.

(Both are shipped + digital btw).

People that overestimated Rise's legs didn't take into account the "Japan factor" which was skewing numbers in Rise's favor. World is behind in Japan but ahead in the rest of the world where long term sales come from. Rise should see a healthy boost when the "Master Edition" of Sunbreak comes out, which may eventually push it ahead of the lifetime sales of World PS4.

Just to correct myself completely, when I initially looked I was looking at the article date, but it was a fiscal report which is a month behind (It was IGN and I wasn't thinking about it). I gotta be more careful when I'm looking at that stuff, I'll edit my above comment.