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Chicho said:

Is at 7.5 now on switch and looks like i will end up similar to world on PS4 if the PC version also sell similar to World PC version it should pass that 2/3 mark easily.

It might surpass World on PS4 seeing as MH World was at 8M total in 7 months where MH Rise hit 7.5M total in six months. Given the 5:1 split it means that PS4 was likely at 6.7M on PS4 during this timeframe. Since PS4 grew to 8.9M the Switch could very well cross the 10M mark.

If MH Rise sells similarly to World on PC then it could end up just one to two million behind MH World. It's honestly a LOT closer than I expected. 

Edit: It looks like I was foolish and was looking at an incorrect date. I was being too hasty. MH: World sold 8.3M by June 30th (which is about five months and four days), whereas MH: Rise sold 7.5M by October 4th (which is about six months and 8 days). Props to Kyuu for pointing this out in this thread and the article. Don't want to misinform. 

Last edited by Doctor_MG - on 05 October 2021