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gtotheunit91 said:
src said:

FF16 - timed exclusive

FF7R - timed exclusive

Forspoken - timed exclusive

Babylon - console exclusive

KH and Nier could also be timed exlcusive.

Pretty much their entire Japanese division is all in on Playstation. How can anyone call this close with Xbox LOL

SE would never sell Crystal Dynamics, they make Tomb Raider an incredibly strong IP.

Sony has $40B in cash. They can buy SE in cash the next day lol

Microsoft could buy Sony and SE the next day, what's your point? lol

This, and the fact that SE is bloated and only has few skillful people left. SE would be a terrible buy, if it weren’t for their legacy IPs, which SE continues to milk and dilute (FF origins lol).

Nothing SE revealed in the last 15 years touches the quality, polish or ambition of FromSoftware or even Capcom games, they’re just not a good third party developer period.