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noshten said:

Thanks to GameDataLibrary we have the Top 10 PS5 Titles since launch up until September, below is the situation when we add Tales of Arise & Lost Judgement.

PS5 Top 10 Games Famitsu

  1. Resident Evil: Village (Capcom) - 67.210
  2. Miles Morales (Sony) - 60.772
  3. Tales of Arise (Bandai Namco) - 60.106 
  4. Demon Souls (Sony) - 58.611
  5. Lost Judgement (Sega) – 33.151
  6. FFVII Remake Integrade (Square Enix) - 30.984
  7. Judgement Remastered (Sega) - 26.292
  8. R&C Rift Apart (Sony) - 24.385
  9. CoD:BO Cold War (Sony) - 20.995
  10. Ghost of Tsushima DC (Sony) - 19.309

TOTAL: 401.815

A week ago Gibson also tweeted that total sales on the PS5 have only surpassed 500K, so outside of the Top 10 the rest of the games are just above 100K combined 

Great work, man. 

The Ps5 situation is complex

Sony laser focus on West( moving for California)

Sony reduces japan presence ( Japan Studio )

Sony and Microsoft invest more and service and less on-sell games ( the impact we will see in this gen)  

The chip shortage.