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hinch said:
Chrkeller said:

I like kena. Battles remind me of dark souls with the parry system. Exploration is zelda like. Really good game. I solid 8/10, imho. For $40 a good deal.

Only real complaint is the camera with is basically trash, lock on in particular is meh.  I also feel like the controls aren't as responsive as they should be.  When using rot during boss fights sometimes I die because of the delay.

Not sure where you are playing on but on PC there was a patch to increase camera movement speed/s. Didn't really have an issue elsewhere in terms of controls apart from Kena randomly stopping when you hit a certain dead zone and the awkward way of controlling the rots in their true form.

The one thing they could have increased the timing of bosses moves, at its hard to see some of the moves and they don't really telegraph particular moves it as such. There are big lunges with massive rages that yeet you and chunk you. Hard. Like the

Corrupt Taro boss. Where the timing for the final phases where its charging and unblockable moves leaves so little room for error dodging its silly.

I've been playing on the ps5.  Camera moves fine but reminds me of Mario odyssey where I have to control the camera constantly, especially in battles.  The auto follow camera is broken.

The bosses are close to souls hard, and the easy mode is too easy.  Difficulty seems unbalanced.