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I also pre-ordered one when it was announce. My current one is also from 2014 but it the Kindle Voyage. I am not a fan of the Kindle Oasis form factor so this the first Kindle release since the Voyage that actually look like a upgrade for me. I loose the physical buttons but I can live without that and everything else look superior on paper and I do like the slightly bigger screen.

My Kindle Voyage still work great other then the battery life is significant lower then it was 7 years ago. Livable but enough decrease am willing to pay for a new one especially since it let me use USB C charging (or wireless if I choose I did go with the more expensive one). Also the new UI they announce not coming to the Voyage according to list of device support it look like 2015 and newer. Not sure I really care but if next one last me another 7 years then it more then worth the price anyway.