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New Kindles will be releasing on October 27th, was announced on September 21st (I somehow missed it).  I've been looking forward to a new generation to come out.  I'm still sporting a 2nd generation paperwhite I purchased in 2014 and it still works great.  

Notable changes, amber lighting added that was in the Oasis 3.   New SoC with operating system improvements.  Battery life now 10 weeks instead of 8.  The change finally to USB-C.

2 models will be available.  Paperwhite (8GB)and Paperwhite signature edition(32GB).  

The signature edition will feature wireless charging option, the 32 GB of storage, auto light sensor for adjusting brightness and light temperature.

I was able to pre-order yesterday.  I just went with the 8GB.  On my 2014 Paperwhite I have a few hundred books and never used up half of my storage and I don't audio book.

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