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Chazore said:
DonFerrari said:

If you pick a document and include falsified data on it, the resultant document is falsified, and if you can`t show the original unfalsified then the claim would lack any credibility.

Again, I`m not saying the games listed from Sony wouldn`t ever release on PC, what I`m saying is that the list lacks credibility as some official list of games releasing on PC in relevant timeframe.

But going from the-pi-guy the list really comes from NVidia, but that is all there is to it, there is nothing that confirms any of those games listed will come to PC.

Then you're putting more focus on the false information over the real information, while at the same time, scrubbing the real information from the rest of the document. Yes you can try to "revserso" my comment and say "well you're scrubbing the fake info", but that doesn't matter because one is fake, the other is real, and you should by default, be paying attention to what's real, not what is fake. 

besides, the post above you just proved there was an existing deal with China, not the West, so the leak in it's entirety wasn't totally fake in the end. It matters very little what's fake and what isn't at this point, but what is certain is that Sony is going to ramp up it's releases as time goes on (because I said before, it doesn't make sound business sense to drip feed every 5 years).

How can the truth not matter? That Sony is putting more games on PC doesn`t need a leak to know since Sony already said it, although they never released any list before hand and doesn`t seem like they will do now, they announce a title at a time.

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