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Leynos said:
Chris Hu said:

The best racing game of the year is going to be Forza Horizon 5 it will have a much higher meta and a higher user score also then Cruis'n Blast.

lol using meta as an argument. Meta is a joke. Said it over and over. It's more of the same yearly. lol, good joke.

Blast is true arcade racing from the genius of arcades himself. Eugene Jarvis. Blast has done something for arcade racing not done since the days of SEGA in arcades.

Cruis'n Blast has about an hour worth of content so that 69 metascore seems fair it actually might be a bit too high.  I'm pretty sure both Hotshot Racing and Horizon Chase Turbo are also better then Cruis'n Blast if have an itch for arcade racing I would play those two more.