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Captain_Yuri said:

It was always going to be a nothing burger. Some people spread FUD over nothing because of a slight redesign of the heatsink. At the end of the day, one should always stop and think of the simple fact that companies generally don't kneecap their own hardware. These things always goes through lots of testing. Sure in the past, we have had issues with RROD and etc but those days are long gone.

Austin Evans is the real facepalm person out of all of this. Lets point a thermal camera and come to a nonsense conclusion instead of doing the work like GN and DF does to find what's actually going on.

For me, this comes as good news that the new model is cooler in some ways. However reducing a Heat sink by 300g is not a slight redesign as you claim. Its a massive chunk of the console taken out and the new part has been redesigned to make up the difference.

Also plenty of companies kneecap themselves if it comes to increasing their profit margins. Many new models in most electronics get redesigns over the years which can either be by removing features from the original design or by taking parts out to reduce build costs etc. My KS8000 (2016) Samsung TV has 2x builtin Subwoofers which the later NU8000 (2018) does not. They were replaced by 1x front speaker instead. 

NU8000 (2018)

KS8000 (2016)

The issue isn't Austin Evans, its fanboys from both sides of the fence that took a none deep dive video and blew it up to something its not. The guy wanted to check what was the 300g difference. He is allowed to have his opinion, he never claimed it as a fact it runs hotter without actually doing a deep dive on it. When people don't want to hear what they want to hear they will paint them as either a fanboy or to blame. When DF did videos comparing the XB1X to the PS4 Pro many fanboys claimed DF Xbox shills. But now DF is a source for them to use because they claim something they simply want to hear. 

Last edited by Azzanation - on 17 September 2021