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Manlytears said:
SKMBlake said:

There are twice as many PS5 users than Xbox users so far, and Xbox game sales aren't known to be blockbuster anyway, so I don't think it will have an impact, since the game is a timed exclusive.

Unlike Outriders, where the developer kinda blamed the Game Pass deal for not breaking even (and not considering the game was buggy and bad in the first place)

I'd like to add another concern that could have a negative impact on sales, Fanboy tribalism.
It's not enough to see people in the Xbox field saying to wait 1 year, there are people in the Playstation field saying they won't invest because the game was made by a "MS studio" and, therefore, the franchise has no future on Playstation.
It seems to me that there are some complicating factors around this game, much to the developer's misfortune.

I think you're looking it at a enthusiasts POV (actively looking on forums/social media/YT etc) and that doesn't necessitate on how an average video game consumer looks when buying a new video game. The bigger factor is that this game is heavily marketed as a roguelike game (which is niche in itself) and that the graphics and art style quite unremarkable. That and recent Arkane games aren't really mass market games.

Personally, I had no interest in the game with the initial trailers but upon looking at some reviews it does make me want to pick it up at some point. Just waiting on them to fix the performance issues on PC first.

About missing exclusives this holiday, while it makes for a nice check list.. I don't think it really matters at the end of the year. With BF2042, CoD Vanguard and FIFA 2022 coming in the space of a couple/few months. And tbh this year has been pretty slow with game releases for all platforms, with next year looking to be a real banger in terms of content.

Last edited by hinch - on 16 September 2021