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SKMBlake said:
Manlytears said:

It looks like the game is really good, 88 is a wonderful score, unfortunately i think it's going to be a huge commercial flop.
Why, you ask? Apparently there are a considerable number of people saying they will only play on Xbox (within 1 year) and use Gamepass... Amazes me that there are people from Xbox community advertising and advising others to wait 1 year!
Maybe I'm wrong and everything will end well for this game ( yeah, i hope i'm wrong on this one), but the effect of all this "wait 1 year..."/ " wait and play on gamepass..." is bad!? i fear this game will end up as a game that sold poorly and arrived "1 year too late" on the Gamepass...

There are twice as many PS5 users than Xbox users so far, and Xbox game sales aren't known to be blockbuster anyway, so I don't think it will have an impact, since the game is a timed exclusive.

Unlike Outriders, where the developer kinda blamed the Game Pass deal for not breaking even (and not considering the game was buggy and bad in the first place)

Outriders is far from a bad game. It’s actually quite solid and very enjoyable with a friend or two. Also the developer didn’t blame Game Pass at all, they blamed Square’s policy on sharing information on deals like GamePass. So the developer has no idea if the game has broken even or not or how many copies it has sold because Square isn’t telling them. Square thinks the deal was good for the game because it helped it exceed their expectations at launch. The problem for the cane sales wise is that it very much is not a GaaS game and there’s no reason for someone who has experienced the entire game to keep coming back for substantial engagement or monetization. It’s not Destiny where there are loads of MTX or rotating content and DLC.

As for Deathloop, my plan was to buy it on PC but with all the issues, I’ll wait for a good sale and I’ll play through the single player on it. I’ll give it a full MP dive when it launches on Series X.