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KratosLives said:
victor83fernandes said:

I'm excited for it, a lot, even if it was just a GT6 remaster it would still be way better than GT Sport, you mention campaign in GT sport, have you actually played it? I got Gold on all challenges on the first try, it wasn't fun, just boring, the campaign was just tacked on. Remember that the biggest GT fans love the campaign, we didn't have online GT until recently, GT1, 2, 3 and 4 were considered the best ones, and those were not online, they focused on great campaigns.

Graphics on youtube mean nothing, GT sport looked just OK on a ps4 slim, but when I tried it on the ps4 pro it looked like a different game, way cleaner, even tough you cant see the difference on youtube.

This will be the same, a huge jump, but youtube doesn't do it justice.

I fully believe the game that will push graphics will be forza 8, but in the end we are at a point that graphics is just cleaning aliasing and little things like that. Games like Ratchet and clank already look like a pixar movie, sure they can improve it but wont be that noticeable.

Didn't they say at one point after gt5/gt6, that the campaign started to feel the same or not as interesting , and they started hyping forza campaigns and need for speed shift as the way to go? Maybe i'm wrong, maybe it was one game that had a mediocre campaign. I myself haven't haven't played forza or shift, but will campaign that gt fans are used still feel fresh, can it compete with forza or shift? In terms of feeling rewarding through progression, which is what shift got rave reviews for. 

As for forza 8, I saw the trailer and wasn't too impressed visually. The textutres and vehichles did not look as good as in gt7, or sport.  Maybe it's the art style but it doesn't look photo realistic.  I honestly can't see it topping gt7 in the visual department. PD put too much care in cars and track design.

But thats what I want, the good old campaigns, just copy and paste, do not make it like forza with all the gifted cars and points for everything and too many fashy pop ups, I just want to be back to when driving games were good and not just full of flashy cool pop ups, I stopped buying colin mcrae when they went the Dirt route made for teens and not for grown adults.

Your comment about graphics on GT compared to forza is meaningless, I still think Forza 7 looks better than sport but everyone hypes gt sport graphics, because Forza had native 4K and dynamic weather and time of day, all those puddles forming on tracks when it started to rain, and the changes in gameplay in the same race was great and more impressive to me.

GT sport doesn't even exist for me, I do not play online, ever. And the tacked on campaign was way worse than any other GT or Forza ever made, I'd rather play GT1 on the ps1 than to play gt sport campaign.

I don't get where you see photorealism in GT, like at all, graphics are like in GT3 but with higher resolution. Track details look better to me on forza 7, car details GT sport wins but then again GT had 168 cars at launch, forza had over 700. I'd rather have more choice of cars than a slightly better details.

Also forza had the advantage of rumble triggers, made it like you could feel the car more, this time around I think GT will be better because of the new triggers on ps5.

Like I said, even if they made GT2 remaster, it would still be a better campaign than any racing game from recent years. I miss having to fight to earn your credits and cars, if you give me points and credits and cars even if I don't win races then what's the fun? If you add the ability to rewind, and a track line showing when to break or accelerate then where's the fun?