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Again Deathloop for me is one of those perfect game pass game; I never played Dishonored and from what I have seen so far there just no way I would pay full retail to give this game a chance.

It's annoying that as a market leader Sony keep getting away with console launch exclusive and there isn't enough backlash to make the exclusive window known to the public.

Waiting a year or more to play this game would suck but knowing when it does come to Xbox, it will be available on Game pass make me more than happy to just wait. I think for any multi console owners or even PS5 owners with a good gaming PC. It's hard to justify full retail price for this game. What a weird world one of the best PS5 console exclusive this year is actually owned by Microsoft.

I don't think Sony is getting their moneys worth for signing a console launch exclusive on this one even if the game turn out to be really good.