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I got it on PC and it has.......bad optimization lol which is a damn shame because I am thoroughly enjoying the game. Although I wouldn't say it has the same sense of exploration and immersion as previous Arkane games. There's even been several times where I've run into invisible walls but that may just be from a bug. At worst, the game micro-stutters and there's a lot of jankiness, even on high end systems. Many blame the anti-tamper software, Denuvo, but the issues appear to be primarily tied to the game engine Deathloop was built on. It uses the same Void Engine that Dishonored 2 used which was notorious for how much of a nightmare the game was to play on PC, even to this day in many respects.

So I can't say I could recommend the game on PC at this time, although I've read that the devs are working on fixing the PC version. Give it about 6 months and I'm sure it'll be in a much more buttery smooth state. I can't comment on the PS5 version, though.

On positives though, the soundtrack is a banger, the banter between Colt and Julianna feels genuine and funny, the weapons feel great to shoot, love the combination of Dishonored and Prey gameplay, and the combinations you can use to upgrade your weapons and abilities is a lot fun to toy around with. Which is what makes a great Arkane game.