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mjk45 said:
SvennoJ said:

Haha yep, I did that on the Nordschleife and it was so dark! It seemed like some cars didn't have any headlights at all. It would be very cool if you could do a 24hr race with saves in the pit, like in GT5, but with more cars on the track.

After the first 12 hours I pitted and left the game game on pause for 7 hours while I slept, got up the next morning grabbed a coffee for breakfast and prayed that nothing glitched overnight , the gods were kind and it was fine  apart from high beam light shining 10 metres in the air into the treetops rather than the road and the overall weakness of headlights that you pointed out with your Nordschleife experience.

 I lied I have another complaint its tyre wear I noticed that for some reason the competing AI cars tyres lasted a lot longer in campaign mode, even with me on hard tyres, in one way it gave a challenge by having to do around I'm guessing here 20 /25% percent more stops with all the extra associated in out time lost adding up, still  the tyre wear algorithm should have been better, maybe they needed that advantage because I noticed watch bits on replay there seemed to be a bit of a desync between tyres and refueling meaning the AI would occasionally pit a few laps after a tyre change for a fuel top up.

Not in GT Sport, tire strategy works there. It depends of how you drive and of course which tire compound you chose. If you tear up softs you'll have to pit more often than the AI, yet if you drive smooth on hard tires you can beat the AI simply by pitting less. (You can always beat the AI in Gt Sport, you need to drive a less powerful / lower class car to get any kind of competition. The 'fun' was finding out how much of a bonus you could get for using a lower class car and still win)

The AI in GT Sport got smarter with pit stops and don't all do the same. Tire wear also plays a major strategy in online races where your driving style really matters. It's also different depending on the car and drive train and what brake balance you set. The only complaint I have is that wheel users are at an advantage there. It's much easier to conserve tires with wheel and brake pedal input than on a controller. Plus it's also some form of damage. When you get punted off into the gravel your tires get extra wear as well, putting you at a disadvantage for the rest of the race. Next to having dirty tires for a bit giving you much less grip for a couple corners. (Which works great. When your opponent in front goes wide through the grass he will have a bit less grip for the following corners and you have a chance to make a pass by out cornering them)

Anyway, if PD would dial up the speed of the AI, they would be quite competitive. Hopefully they don't set it to 'every one can win' mode again.